A passion I’ve always had and apparently does not grow by me is height, speed and voltage. Jan Ove don’t really understand this, and I do not understand his anxiety for everything I love. But he likes to watch me and take videos when I put off something. The first time we were in Amsterdam was a traveling funfair on Dam square in front of the Castle. Where I did try several attractions both in height and speed.

In may we went to the Holmenkollen skiing arena where it in the summer is possible to hang in a cable from the top of the hill to the bottom. Even for me to be it looked very scary when I was at the top and looked down. Oh, my God I screamed to Jan Ove on the phone.

In June we went to Tusenfryd outside Oslo where I also got the outlet for my tension. The first we took together, something I think Jan Ove regretted was a superfast rollercoaster. He was the one who screamed the loudest of all and he didn’t open his eyes once during the trip. The highlight for me was the Skycoaster, where I was lifted up in a drawstring and then had to jump out.

In Berlin was a highlight for me during the parade that I jumped in the work outside the Brandenburg Gate. From a crane at 70 meters, we were invited to jump. I have always loved the speed and tension, certainly from the heights. But I must confess that I was not high in the hat when I was hoisted up and asked to jump. I had gotten my legs attached to the rubber band and the meaning was that I was going to jump out with head first, as to dive. I don’t dare, I begged the organizer to put the elevator down again. He wouldn’t and told me to jump in it. No, you have to push me, I said to him. One, two, three jumps he cried to me and I plunged. It was just an absolutely wonderful experience.