We arrived Paris by train from Stuttgart in the middle of the day in the end of July 2017. I noticed soon that Paris was a big city around 10 million inhabitants and have visitors around 30 million a year. Among the seven railway stations we arrived at one, Gare de L’Est, with lively life in the building and the area around. Paris was a city I through my adolescence heard about, especially the Eiffel Tower was something I always wanted to visit. We stayed at a hotel across the street of Gare de L’Est, and around the corner was a Metro station with similar name. We unpacked and was ready for our first trip on the Metropolitain, or Métro de Paris as it’s called. The entrances to the Metro stations are built in the architecture of Art Noveau.

I was before familiar at the Metro in Moscow, that can be recognised as a huge work of art. In Damascus there is no public and collaborated system. The railway is used for transport between the big cities, not internally in Damascus. There is no Metro, but a large system of small buses, private owned, that carried people around the city. Jan Ove had decided to show me the Eiffel Tower from a spectacular point of view, the Trocadéro. When we got out of the Metro and I could see the tower, I was stunned by admiration. It was many times higher than I thought. A fantastic piece of work of the engineer Gustave Eiffel, consecrated in March 1889 to the World Expo and at the same time as a celebration for hundred years since the French revolution. 324-meter-high included the antennas at the top. To visit Paris means also you must get used to queues. We spend a whole day at the Eiffel Tower. First a line at the security, then a new line to buy tickets for the elevator to the second floor. To get to the top a new queue for the elevator up. My video shows my experiences from the Tower, so I will not bore you in this written text. Either not bore you to write about the boat trip at the river Seine that divide Paris.

Paris is a city of many attractions. It would take weeks to see them all, so we had to make a priority. The museum Louvre was a must. A huge museum where you can spend days if you want to see it all. I must mention Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Mona Lisa. A painting much smaller than expected. I recognised that there were a special department for Middle East art; from the Levant, Mesopotamia and Persia and a lot of objects from the ancient Egypt. This was one peek experience for me who grew up in Assyria, a part of the Levant. Among other experiences in Paris was the beautiful church of Sacre Coeur, placed on a height viewing most of Paris. From the church it was not far to the cities more sinful area of Pigalle, with the famous nightclub Moulin Rouge. The Arc de Triumph was too an exceptional experience. In the middle of the city with a view to all the cities Boulevards included the famous Champs Elysées. At short, Paris is worth a visit, I would love to come back.

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